Condominium HOA Management

We aren’t just a condo management service; we are your committed allies in the journey to elevate your condominium community.

For 29 years, we’ve helped associations of all sizes thrive through our thorough association management services.

Customized Condo Management Services

With nearly 30 years of experience specializing in Texas communities, our team at Proper HOA Management is here to seamlessly integrate with your association’s goals, becoming an extension of your success. Explore our range of tailored services designed to make condo living smooth and stress-free.

Accounting Services

Our licensed managers provide clear, comprehensive monthly financial statements tailored to your board’s needs. 

Track income and expenses, manage accounts receivable/payable, monitor reserve balances, and scrutinize budget variances. 

Our team provides full visibility of your finances. This ensures you can make confident decisions that positively affect the community’s success.

CC&R Compliance

Regulatory requirements are ever-evolving, and compliance is crucial. 

Proper HOA Management ensures your association’s rules are always up-to-date and legal. 

We conduct periodic reviews of your bylaws, CC&Rs, and other governing documents. 

When needs change, we recommend amendments to keep your association compliant and functioning optimally.

We aren't your standard property management firm.

Vendor Management

Keeping your association functioning and looking great is part of keepi

When projects within your condo association arise, trust us to save you time and money with the right vendor that meets your needs and budget.

We match each project with the right experts, handling bids, contracts, oversight, and payment. 

With Proper HOA Management at the helm, you benefit from quality work at competitive rates. Your homeowners will appreciate our attention to detail with vendor selection that makes living within your association a dream come true.

CC&R Compliance

Having a strong management team behind your board during meetings is essential to the association’s success.

Proper HOA Management helps boards set agendas, facilitate open communication during meetings, and ensure transparency and compliance with all governing docs.

Swift Emergency Repairs

When emergencies strike, time is of the essence. You need a team of association managers to help you respond to maintenance needs. 

Our rapid response team is on standby to provide assistance from licensed vendors that quickly bring the association back to its former glory.

No matter the maintenance need, our dedicated staff is ready to offer fast reaction that minimizes disruptions for your owners.

Perfect Your Condominium Association With Proper HOA Management

Managing your condo association alone can be overwhelming for a board of volunteer leaders. 

Proper HOA Management is a team of experienced managers that can help alleviate the stress and bring the focus of your board back onto effective leadership.

We customize our services to provide as much support as your board desires – from full management to assisting with specific tasks. Whatever your condo association needs, our management team can help achieve. Let us help make your board members the heroes of your association.

Ready to make a difference within your association? Contact us today to discuss tailoring our offerings to your community. We’re ready to show you how Proper HOA Management can make owning property within your community an exceptional and exciting experience.