Proper HOA Management

Single-family homes within HOAs demand a nuanced approach to management, one that is professional, transparent, and cost-efficient.

For 29 years, we’ve helped associations of all sizes thrive through our thorough association management services.

Single-Family Management Services

Proper HOA Management is an experienced management team that offers our clients a full suite of premier management services.

When it comes to effectively managing associations geared toward single-family owners, we have the experience to help associations retain valued owners through excellent communication and thorough management practices.

Financial Management

Your board is a group of volunteers who may not have the financial experience necessary to navigate the complexities of an association’s needs.

At Proper HOA Management, we handle all accounting, collect HOA dues, manage budgets, and provide detailed financial reports every month.

Legal Counsel

Proper HOA management can help associations avoid and resolve legal issues in several ways. Our experienced community managers understand complex HOA legal frameworks and ensure boards follow all governing documents and regulations. 

We also review contracts thoroughly to minimize liability risks. If legal disputes do arise,  our professional managers can mediate between parties or connect associations with qualified HOA attorneys. 

Overall, proactive and legally-savvy HOA management protects associations from compliance violations and litigation, which could lead to heavy penalties.

We aren't your standard property management firm.

Maintenance Oversight

Keeping your association functioning and looking great is part of keeping your owners.

We coordinate with vendors for landscaping, amenities upkeep, and timely repairs to keep your shared community spaces looking their best.

Governance Support

Having a strong management team behind your board during meetings is essential to the association’s success.

Proper HOA Management helps boards set agendas, facilitate open communication during meetings, and ensure transparency and compliance with all governing docs.

Resident Services

Sometimes, even the best HOAs have trouble in paradise. Your board doesn’t have the time to take every call promptly.

Quick response is critical, and that’s why we’re here to field calls and requests from residents, mediate disputes, enforce rules/regulations, and promote community events.

Partner with a True HOA Specialist

Don’t leave your community’s management to chance. Proper HOA Management specializes in perfecting HOAs of all sizes across Dallas and Fort Worth. 

Our experienced team and management systems are built to provide professional, hassle-free service. If you’re ready to take your HOA to the next level and keep your single-family owners and renters happy, we’re here to work our magic for your board.