Prane’s Expertise

When Associations aren’t “properly” managed – it can cause damage for years to come. My passion for the property management industry has been 10+ years in the making. My only goal is to help your association be managed appropriately from all angles – financial, legal, maintenance, compliance and more.

When I decided to leave a “big box” firm and go out on my own – my vision for the clients has been the same – manage associations properly so we can all regain trust in the process. There isn’t a single approach, or one-size-fits-all mentality here – Proper is built upon a foundation of high employee retention, even higher employee engagement and consistent responses – which only means that our clients receive top-tier service delivery month after month.

When I’m not in a Board meeting or consulting an association I enjoy spending time with our children, being at the lake and watching my son play his favorite sport – baseball.